I love reading blogs about people facing the challenge of weight loss! I am sharing this one with you all!

Letters to Gabriel

Dear Gabriel,

I’d hardly be doing myself a service writing naked if I didn’t examine my relationship with food and how it came to affect my relationship with my body.

I’ve always enjoyed good food.  Sweets, particularly, being one of those kids who ate themselves sick on Halloween even though my parents warned me that I’d throw up if I didn’t stop.  I usually managed to keep it all down.  Usually.

Back when I was a gymnast, eating candy had little affect on my performance, since the rest of my diet was relatively healthy, and since I had such a high metabolism.  It wasn’t until I quit the exercise (but not the food) that I started to pack on the pounds.  And, it wasn’t until I hit puberty that I added emotions to the reason I ate.  On top of the hidden wound of sexual abuse, that is.

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I am going to bottom line this, Obama was consistent and Romney completely acted like Muslim appeasement is his plan and that he can get the Muslims on board with him. I am going to be frank, Romney can’t convince anyone he knows a thing about foreign policy, he looks like he is a fish out of water and he acts like a buffoon. If anyone thinks that sitting across from Romney is going to be convinci

ng to world leaders, especially Muslim world leaders, they have got to be living in a fantasy. Romney was so weak he demonstrated he can not negotiate or debate with a real world leader, one was sitting across from him. The public was in front of him. Romney did not even have a high school understanding of how money is procured for Military spending. Every position that the right wing media (Rush Limbaugh) fed his foreign policy agenda during the election, he abandoned and he acted like he read my blog on how to treat the Muslim next door. That must have stunk to high heaven to you strong anti-Muslim oh no sharia law is flooding the USA there is a war on Christmas low information voters. Who are you going to hate now, Romney is a Mormon Muslim appeaser.

I was called by God to New York City until he found out I had a girl friend there….

I was called by God to New York City until he found out I had a girl friend there…..

Hawaii on the Cheap

Waikiki beach at night, Waikiki, Honolulu.

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If you are going to Hawaii on a budget you have to travel like the Europeans. You must sleep in a hostel, use public transportation, participate in hostel activities and food preparation, and tap into adventure activities that do not require you to be part of tour groups. While you may not get 5-star service and pampering, you will be guaranteed to have a real world Hawaiian experience.

When you land at Honolulu International Airport, look for the ‘Waikiki Express’ shuttle signs just past the baggage claim area. The airport shuttle leaves every 20 minutes. It is $9.00 for a one way ride to whatever hotel you are going in Waikiki and $15.00 for a round trip.

The three hostels are the Waikiki Beachside Hostel, Polynesian Hostel Beach Club, and the Hokondo Hostel. They are located on Lemon Stree, only one block form Waikiki Beach. The rooms are basic, cleaned daily and run from $22.00 a night for a dorm room to $65.00 for a semi-private room. Hostels today provide free breakfast, wireless Internet access, and air conditioning.

In Waikiki, you don’t need a car, everything is within walking distance or available by public transportation. The hostel guest and employees know all the cheap places to eat. Buffets after 10:00PM are the rage and are half-off for really decent food.

The Hostel can connect you to several transportation companies that will take you to the Hanauma Bay National Marine Preserve for $12.00 per person, round trip, complete with snorkel gear.

Try free yoga on the beach in the morning. Nothing beats a sun salutation as you look across the meditative pacific ocean. Once you have warmed up, go to the beach and rent a 10 to 12 foot long board for $15.00 for the day. Don’t forget a rash guard and dive booties. Head out to the beach and stop and listen to an instructor teaching his class. Then head out to the water and climb aboard. You will fall a few times, feet first hopefully, but you will be able to surf. Plus some local beach bum will help you in between sets; after all, there is nothing else to do but sit on the boards.

Take entire days in between activities just to go to the beach to swim, snorkel, and boogie board. The hostels all rent this stuff for cheap. Don’t get hung up on over packing for the beach day. Take a towel, wear your swimsuit, bring sunscreen, a bottle of water, and flip flops. Don’t get weighed down by too much beach stuff; you don’t need it.

If you want to rent a car, the hostel has those also and they can be rented for just a day to branch out and see other parts of the island of Oahu. The North Shore has the small surfing villages with kite boarders and wind surfers galore.

Hostels become their own adventure and don’t be surprised if you find yourself ripping your clothes off at the south end of Waikiki beach at 2:00 AM after a night of partying with your new friends from Australia, Switzerland, Germany, Canada, England, and Iran. Swimming out to the concrete barrier, everyone stands under the full moon as the waves crash with thundering gusto against your bodies.

This is what a Hawaiian vacation is all about and you saved thousands of dollars, made new friends, and discovered how to travel like the Europeans do.

WOW! 1 in 34 Americans Who Earned Wages in 2008 Did Not In 2009

Seal of the United States Social Security Admi...

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How likely is it that 1 in 34 Americans who earned wages in 2008 earned absolutely nothing in 2009?

Apparently, according to figures released by the Social Security Administration and reported on www.tax.com it is exactly what did happen.

But that is not the only crazy news released in this report. Wages for everyone except the very wealthy are down or have declined. So you would think, that in such dire times that the very wealthy whose incomes you would think are dependent on those of us who cannot buy their goods or service, perhaps stayed stagnant.

Well you would be wrong, you see they have billions of new customers in China and India. What did we think was going to happen when third and second world countries suddenly find themselves becoming industrialized as our manufacturing jobs moved to Asia and India. While we might not have realized it, corporate America banked on it and it is paying off in a huge way!

When I say huge, I mean HUGE! The super rich, those at the top, well their income grew dramatically, or should I say freakishly. Their income grew five times as high!!!

Those who are the top wage earners in our country, earned more than $50 million annually in 2008 with an average income of $91.2 million in 2008, in 2009 their incomes jumped to $519 million. So while we face forclosures, lower wages, and joblessness, they skipped merrily to the bank.

At a time when unemployment and under-employment is affecting nearly 20 million Americans with a full 10 million out of work, the super rich are pulling in an additional $10 million a week.

How many people are earning $519 million a year? How about a whopping 74 people. To really put these numbers in perspective you simply have to look at the bottom of the pay scale, the poorest of segment of our great population, those who do the menial non-skilled labor.

There are 19 million wage earners in our country who break their backs and these the poorest people in our country earn collectively as much as the 74 richest people do each week.

So what are the 74 people who each earn $519 million a year doing with this money? The one thing you can bet on is they are not spending it creating jobs. Though they certainly could afford to create jobs.

This is a direct result of politicians creating tax loop holes in exchange for  campaign donations. Our government freely gives money to companies that fire employees and move the manufacturing of goods to China, as a result wages are shrinking and so is the middle class.

So the working class is staying stagnant and the very rich are getting richer while not creating jobs. You would think they could at least give us, the working class a raise, they certianly can afford to!

Looking for Working Class Families to Interview

The Working Class Project is looking to interview Working Class households, small business owners, and long term unemployed people for weekly articles about the plight, creativity, and hope of the middle class.

I recently read a great article by contractor in the east who does over $2 Million a year in business. He said that he earns about $80,000 dollars a year from his business and what he really needs is customers in this economic crisis we are facing. He believes that his customers needs jobs. I really feel that this small business owner has a better grip on reality than ‘Joe The Plumber’, since he actually owns and operates a small business.

So I am going to interview the real working class from both parties and post those interviews for us all to watch.

The Working Class Project: Who is the working class and what do they earn?

Greedy Corporate America

Image by Beverly & Pack via Flickr

The households of the United States can be divided into the following classes of people, The Really Rich, The Rich, The Shrinking Upper Middle Class, The Growing Lower Middle Class, and The Real Poor.

The Really Rich, or the top 1% of our country, and have in excess of $350,000 a year per household. The really rich are our country’s celebrities, politicians, business owners, and old family money. They generally have college educations and most attended Ivy League Schools.

The Rich, or the next 5% of our country with incomes in excessive of $150,000 a year are generally semi-professionals, medium size business owners, and have a net worth of a million dollars largely in equity in their homes. The Rich generally have college degrees and work with a large degree of independence.

The Shrinking Upper Middle Class used to be the back bone of our country and when the United States has a strong middle class that group fueled the US economy. The Shrinking middle class is 46% of this country and it is typical to see family incomes of about $80,000 to $100,000 annually. The Shrinking Middle Class often owns the true small business in the U.S.A. The Shrinking Middle Class is generally educated and has above average incomes.

The Growing Lower Middle Class is generally 40-45% of our countries households. They have average annual incomes of around $50,000 a year. They have a highschool education and work in the day to day routine jobs with no real hope of advancement, low job security, and are at risk of entering the poverty.

The Real Poor are the bottom 10-15% of our country with little education, little opportunity for employment, they work in poorly paid positions and generally have household incomes below the poverty line and less that $18,000 a year.

The Working Class is everyone in the bottom three categories or 96% of our country’s population.

The Working Class is the class under attack by corporate greed, third world job flight, immigration, lack of affordable healthcare, and shrinking incomes.

The Working Class Project hopes to shed light on the real issues of the largest section of the American population, The Working Class!